Reality Rocks: April 9-10, 2011 Los Angeles Convention Center
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Workshops will shed light on the inner workings of Reality TV and online reality shows. Learn how to audition for shows, what the producers are looking for in new and fresh talent for future Reality shows, as well as special Speed Pitching opportunities to talk about your own reality TV program ideas and more.


How to Create, Produce and Pitch your Reality TV Show ---Saturday, April 9, 10:00am – 11:00am

Part I: Everyone has an idea for their own Reality TV show but may not know how to transform that idea into a “Reality” production. You’ll learn tips here from experts in the field how to create a treatment, learn what a sizzle real is and how to pitch your show to producers and networks.
Part II: Here’s your chance to actually pitch your idea to a television executive


Moderator & Panelists: Jenn Hoffman, The Apprentice
Jenn Hoffman, The Apprentice (Moderator and Panelist)
Mike Aho - VP, Factual Entertainment, Collins Avenue Productions
Tom Huffman - Vice President of Development, Shed Media US
Heather Olander, Senior Vice President Alternative Programming, USA Network
Pitches with Jason Burinescu, Executive Producer and Chief Creative Officer, Vision Entertainment
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Meet The Casting Director I   --- Saturday, April 9, 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Ever wonder what casting agents are looking for when you go on a casting call? Rather than go in blind to a casting call, find out how to make the right impression to land a role on a Reality TV show. This panel will give you the inside scoop and gets you inside the head of the casting.
Moderator: Katy Wallin - President, MysticArt Pictures (WIPEOUT)

Billy Kemp – VP, Talent & Casting, FremantleMedia North America (including American Idol)
Roz Taylor Jordon- Cast Iron Productions
Doron Ofir – President, Popular Productions (including Jersey Shore)
Neal Konstantini – Kosta Coast Entertainment Company (including Deal or No Deal)
Ethan Petersen – The Casting Firm (including Hole in the Wall) 

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"Identifying the Talent for a Hit Show – Celebrity and Non Celebrity Talent" Saturday, April 9, 11:30am – 12:30 pm

Ever wonder what goes on in the minds of Executives as they determine how to select and cast the next hit Reality TV series? What are they looking for and what makes a good TV mix? Join our panel of Executives as they describe how they choose and identify the different character archetypes and balance the personal charismatic flair each person has to bring. In this process Executives will share how they filter TV, social media, and the 24-hour news cycle to create the next hot scenario where celebrity and non-celebrity cue the next trend and ride the tidal wave of pop culture.

Jeff Apploff "Million Dollar Money Drop," Executive Producer and Creator of "Don’t Forget the Lyrics"
Leah Horwitz - VP Music Talent & Creative Development, VH1
Tom Huffman - Vice President of Development, Shed Media US
Rob Lobl "Deion & Pilar Sanders," "Taildaters," Executive Producer and Creator
Laurie D. Muslow "The Surreal Life," "Celebrity Fit Club," "The Real Gilligan’s Island," "The Starlet," "Celebrity Bullriding," Talent Producer/Casting Producer/Producer

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Meet The Casting Director II --- Sunday, April 10, 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Ever wonder what casting agents are looking for when you go on a casting call? Rather than go in blind to a casting call, find out how to make the right impression to land a role on a Reality TV show. This panel will give you the inside scoop and gets you inside the head of the casting.


Jessica Gardner - Features Writer, Back Stage Magazine

Randy Bernstein - Casting Duo, Inc., (including Top Chef, Iron Chef, Tabatha’s Salon Takeover)
Carol Lefko - Feature Film/TV/Commercial Casting Director - Carol Lefko Casting
Brendon Blincoe – Iconic Casting (inclusing Deal or No Deal, For the Love of Ray J, MTV, VH1)
Allison Kaz – (including Biggest Loser)

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You've Realized Your Dream… You’ve Been on a Reality TV Show. What's Next?

Represent! Make Sure You Have The Best Management --- Saturday, April 9, 10:30am – 11:30am

You may already have an agent or manager, but do you have the right one? Is he/she doing the most they can for your career? You have to look out for "Number 1"… you! Our panel of top Reality TV managers and agents will tell you what to look for in an agent or manager and how to find one that’s right for you.

Moderator: Paris Djon - LOUD Agency


Marki Costello - Owner & Manager
Tim Kessler - VP of Content Development, Hosting and Celebrity Endorsements, VOX
Billy Kemp - VP, Talent & Casting, FremantleMedia North America
Stuart Brazell - Host of "This Week in Reality TV"
Produced by: CMEG Creative Management Entertainment Group
Marc Marcuse – Reel Management

Shiela Conlin – The Conlin Group

How To Become A Host/Reality Star - Parlay your 15 minutes of Reality Fame into a Career --- Sunday, April 10, 12:00pm – 1:30pm

You've landed a spot on a Reality TV show. What happens when the show is over? If you're like most Reality TV stars, you hope to parlay your recognition and 15 minutes of fame into a career either with a spin-off show of your own or as the host of a Reality TV show. Our panel of Reality stars who have successfully made this transition will offer insight into how you might make this happen.


Marki Costello, Owner & Manager
Chet Cannon – The Real World
Marcy Guevara - You're Cut Off
Erin Murphy: Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling on CMT, RuPaul's Drag U (celebrity finale) LOGO/ MTV Networks and many more.
DeAnna Pappas- Bachelor, Bachelorette, Get Married, Weekend co-host for EXTRA, Correspondent for EXTRA Correspondent-red carpet for the VMA's, Rose Recap
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Brand Yourself: Using Social Media to Advance Your Career in Reality TV --- Sunday, April 10, 2:00pm – 3:00 pm

Using social media is the ideal way to fuel fan frenzy and promote your career. But it can sometimes be daunting as to how to get it going and build momentum. Learn from the experts how to navigate, and make best use of, all the social media outlets to your advantage.


Darwyn Metzger Technology Producer/Director - KLTA/Tribune
Alec Shankman: CEO of ; Former TV & New Media Agent
Brandon Martinez: Head of Digital Media at Abrams Artists Agency
Miles Beckett: CEO of EQAL; Creator of LonelyGirl15
Annie Roberts: Talent Executive from E! Entertainment/Comcast
Taryn Southern: WebCeleb; Web Content Producer
Leigh Collier: Director, Programming Telepictures
Kendra Carter: Director, NBCU Talent Diversity Initiatives
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How to Make it in Hollywood --- Sunday, April 10, 2:30pm – 4:00pm

Whether you want to book a job as the next castaway on "Survivor" or cast member on "Modern Family" or host your own TV show, Scott Sedita taps into his 25 years as a talent agent, casting director and acting coach and discusses how to become a TV star.
In this interactive dynamic workshop, Sedita, author of the international best-selling books, The Eight Characters Of Comedy and "Scott Sedita’s Guide To Making It In Hollywood"breaks down his Three Steps To Success and shows you how these elements work together to build a successful career. Further, Scott highlights the many Obstacles actors face, Three Steps To Failure, and how to overcome them and stay on the path to success. Sedita says, “With all that’s happening in the world today, actors, now more than ever, need to find inspiration in order to ignite their aspirations and jump-start their careers!” This seminar will motivate and empower you to do just that.

Produced by: BACKSTAGE Magazine

Please Note: Speakers, Topics, Appearances and Schedule are subject to change.

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